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Chula Vista Kitchen Remodel and Butcher Block by Bob's Got Skills
Date Published: 01/09, 2019
Category: Renovations
Page Views: 1418
Company: Bob's Got Skills

This project was a challenge to partially replace an original kitchen's lower cabinetry and plumbing with drawer boxes, while keeping the vintage look of the original upper cabinets with their scroll work.

San Diego's Finest Stone and Tile Installations
Date Published: 01/11, 2019
Page Views: 840
Company: Michelangelo Stone & Tile

When we say "San Diego's Finest Stone and Tile Installations", we're not just blowing smoke - we've installed stone and tile in the homes of Theodor Geisel (Dr. Suess), San Diego Chargers running back LaDanian Tomlinson, San…

GDS ColorFuse™ by Experience Glass for Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops
Date Published: 01/11, 2019
Page Views: 2389
Company: Experience Glass

Experience Glass opened their doors in 1983, and though they specialize in cast/slumped glass, they are masters of all types of glass production. Their glass has been utilized for a wide variety of applications, and it can be…

San Diego by the Numbers


Building Permits on the Rise

Residential permits in the first half of 2018 in San Diego County, up 64% over 2017

$ 1137

Average Skilled Wages

Average weekly wages for all industries in San Diego county, 2nd quarter 2018

$ 28595

Average Housing Expenses

San Diego area average annual housing expenditures per family, 2016-17

$ 484900

Rising Home Values

Median value of owner-occupied housing units, 2013-2017


It doesn't take much ingenuity to design and build things that blend in with the crowd. We aim to help you find people who want to make the crowd stand up and cheer!


Tired of the "same ol', same ol'"? Look here for people who don't just push the envelope, they send it straight off the table and into the dustbin!


Whether you're looking backward to honor the past, or forward to create a new future, we are here to help make your present visions a reality.


Today's technologies have given designers and builders options that past generations could only dream of. Dream on!

We Love Our City!

San Diego County is home to so many amazing things, from our world renowned zoo to our diverse and unique neighborhoods, from our local mountains to our gorgeous beaches that draw people from all over the world to come visit here. It is our goal to keep our county's surroundings as beautiful as ever by promoting companies that share our vision.

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San Diego - Where Art & Architecture Mingle

Even in today's cookie cutter world, there remain fresh opportunities for forward thinking companies looking to buck the trends of endless stucco walls and tile roofs that have seemingly overtaken Southern California.

It is our goal to shed more light on the innovative and thoughtful leaders who think outside of this paradigm, drawing from the rich diversity of the Californias' countless cultural influences throughout history.

More Vital Stats


Housing Expenses/Income 2016-17


Residential Permits Increase, 2017-18


Owner-Occupied Housing, 2013-2017


Population Growth, 2010-'17


Are you still a fan of the Los Angeles Chargers?

A diverse economy is a strong economy, and you'll be hard pressed to find a more diverse and vibrant economy than San Diego's.

Few cities in the world can boast of San Diego's wide variety of industries and vocations. The Pacific Ocean alone provides countless opportunities for fishing, sporting, boating, tourism, and naval careers, to name but a few. Our fantastic weather means construction can and does go on uninterrupted nearly year 'round. 

Our status as a prime tourist destination means that every day somebody visiting our wonderful city makes the life changing decision to stay here and call San Diego home, pumping fresh money into the local economy. If you are new to town, please know that this site was created by San Diegans, for San Diegans, including old and new ones alike.

Thanks for stopping by!

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As America's eighth largest city and a world renowned tourist destination, San Diego is a bustling mecca of amazing architecture, design and construction. From downtown skyscrapers with waterfront vistas, to South Park bungalows tucked away in quaint neighborhoods, San Diego has it all!

Our goal is to connect people who are creating San Diego's glorious future with architects, designers, manufacturers, and builders of the highest quality. Look here for news on what's going on around town, get inspired, and make your project come to life by utilizing the resources we provide.

The Mission

This site was created by a fourth generation native San Diegan who aims to keep the phrase "America's Finest City" alive by promoting San Diego based innovators in design, manufacturing, and construction.

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