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Bring Quality Clients to Your Construction Related Business:

Whether or not you already have a website for your San Diego construction business, if you are looking to get more exposure to a discerning audience, you have come to the right place - I built this website for exactly that purpose. I am a fourth generation San Diego native who loves my beautiful city, and it is my goal to help you enhance that beauty in every way possible.

Just a few of the reasons you want to be listed on this site:

  1. To take advantage of the SEO features that I have built into the site. Since its launch the site is already climbing in Google's rankings for various search terms related to San Diego's construction trades, and your exposure will climb right along with it.
  2. To improve your own website's SEO performance by building a stronger backlink profile.
  3. To gain exposure within this site to all the other businesses listed here, thereby increasing your chances of business-to-business networking and exposure.

Multiple Levels of Exposure:

1. On the Features page:


  • A single featured article with 3 photos = $150/year
  • The article appears on its own page with up to 1,000 words and 20 photos
  • Links to any pages on your existing website can be added
  • The page metadata (keywords, description, image alt tags, etc.) can be customized to optimize SEO for better search results
  • Each featured article also appears in the Showcase module at the top of the home page (see screen shot below)

featured article

2. In the "San Diego at it's Finest" module on the home page:

  • Each image with description and link to a specific page on your site, per year = $20
  • Start by using the contact form. I will send you a Paypal invoice for payment and you can then send me each image along with a description and the link.

3. In the Listings Section:


You can sign up and post your ad right now! Paid ads can be paid for with secure PayPal payments built right in the form. Every listing includes the option to add as much text as you like, a YouTube or Vimeo video, and up to 12 photos.

  • Free regular listings for 7 days
  • 30 day regular listing = $5
  • One year regular listing = $50 (two months free!)

OPTIONAL: Choose a Featured Listing and your listing will also show up in the Featured Listings module on the home page:

  • 30 day Featured listing = $10
  • One year Featured listing = $100 (two months free!)

featured listings home page

Early adopters through the 2019 calendar year can get all of this for only $150:

  • A permanent Featured Article with 3 photos (Normally $150 alone)
  • One year Featured Listing (also shows up on Featured Listings module on home page) (Normally $100)
  • Three images in the "San Diego at it's Finest" module on the home page, each with a description and link to a specific page on your site (Normally $60)

Purchased separately all of this would cost you $310. So, are you ready to get more business? Good!

To get all of the above for only $150:  click here

To sign up and create your own listing:  click here

The Mission

This site was created by a fourth generation native San Diegan who aims to keep the phrase "America's Finest City" alive by promoting San Diego based innovators in design, manufacturing, and construction.

You can read more about the history, purpose, and mission for this site here.

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