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Bobs Got Skills

Chula Vista Kitchen Remodel and Butcher Block by Bob's Got Skills

This project was a challenge to partially replace an original kitchen's lower cabinetry and plumbing...


San Diego's Finest Stone and Tile Installations

When we say "San Diego's Finest Stone and Tile Installations", we're not just blowing smoke - we've ...

Gds Countertop

GDS ColorFuse™ by Experience Glass for Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

Experience Glass opened their doors in 1983, and though they specialize in cast/slumped glass, ...

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Manufacturing Glass

San Diego's Finest Manufacturers of Architectural & Decorative Glass

We are proud to feature San Diego based companies that design and manufacture custom architectural and decorative art glass for use in doors and windows, on countertops, for room and wall dividers, for stairs, stairwells and balustrades, as flooring, and more.

There are many sources out there for plain old glass, but the truly unique designs available from custom glass manufacturers provide architects and designers a whole new realm of possibilities in utilzing glass in your next project!

Some of the manufacturing processes utilized may include glass casting, slumping, fusing, sandblasting, and etching. Designs can range from purely artistic to commercial signage, or any combination thereof.

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Experience Glass opened their doors in 1983, and though they specialize in cast/slumped glass, they are masters of all types of glass production. Their glass has been utilized for a wide variety of applications, and it can be installed in residential as well as commercial settings. Their most popular product is GDS Colorfuse™ Glass.

Read more: GDS ColorFuse™ by Experience Glass...

Gds Countertop

The Mission

This site was created by a fourth generation native San Diegan who aims to keep the phrase "America's Finest City" alive by promoting San Diego based innovators in design, manufacturing, and construction.

You can read more about the history, purpose, and mission for this site here.

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